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HDDGURU HD recovery tools & forum.
HDD Oracle Forum for open research on Data Recovery.
Major Geeks Tools, Utils, Hacker tools, Drivers, etc.
Awesome Selfhosted Free net tools & softwares.
Book of Secret Knowledge System Admin & Hacker tools & infos.   :P Pen-test tools, infos & lessons.    :ninja:
Tiny File Manager Web based File Manager in single PHP file.
WinMerg Differencing and merging tool. 
Notepad++ Source code editor.
XSSer  detect, exploit and report XSS vulnerabilities python tool.
Universal Cyrillic decoder Convert & discover encoded formats. 
Calculate Tools Full width - Half width,  Hiragana - Katakana
Calculate vid & pic size ratio:  16:9  :  4:3
What is my IP? IP, DNS, WHOIS, network tools.  Tons of research tools on one page, good!
DNS Stuff Many E-mail, DNS & IP tools on one page. Various IP & webmaster tools.
Abuse IP DB Look up abuse reports about bad IPs.
MX Tool Box Network diagnostic and lookup tools.   :thumbs:
Pen-Test Tools Recon., Scanners, WHOIS, etc.
Virus Analyze Check suspicious URL & code to check for trouble.
Port Tester Test ports,  IP tools, Phone # GEOlocate,  Network Locate
SSL Checker Quick check of SSL.
SSL Labs Test Deep test of SSL.   :wub: Tools Headers test, XSS test,  Broken Links, etc.
Pingdom URL tester Test the page load time, analyze it, and find bottlenecks.
WebPage Test Performance, speed,  optimization.
Code Search Engine Seach web for code snippet, signature or keyword.
Minify CSS & JS Minify your JS & CSS for faster load.
JavaScript Unpacker Expand minified JS code to better understand.
Spinbot Text Rewriting, Content Creation Tool.
.htaccess to nginx  .htaccess to nginx converter tool.   :whistle:
.htaccess checker .htaccess code syntax checker and validator
.htaccess tester test htaccess rewrite rules
HTML5 Template  HTML5 Template  Generator.
EnjoyCSS CSS generator.
.GIF tools GIF maker, Video2GIF, Crop, effects, add text, etc  :thumbs:
Tools4noobs Summarize, Date, Beautify, Encrypt, SEO,  CC# validator, etc. jpg2ascii,  jpg2ansii, steganography, barcode encoder, etc.
Stylify Me Display font & color schemes from URL.
Web Tools md5, sha-1, sha-256 hash generators, base64 decode, etc. Regex Tester & debugger. Also:
SQL injection Tester online version of SQLMap
CVE Security DB Security Vulnerabilities Database.
Exploit DB & synk Security Vulnerabilities  & Exploits Database.
WPScan DB WPScan Vulnerability Database.
Browser Hacks Browser specific CSS & JS hacks. Infos: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Bootstrap, etc.   :wub:
Date & Time Formats  in PHP and MYSQL.
ENG - JP  Common words in English & Japanese.
Bash Phun ANSI/VT100 color codes
Google Drive animations.CSS Sophos AV
Translate Hide me Proxy CSS Tricks (SSL certs.)
Github Trends (free DNS) Google Fonts
Uptime Robot Let's Encrypt  (TTF) Accuweather  :  API
Blacklist Monitor Wappalyzer FontFreak  (TTF) Bedrock WP Webmin Emoji Copy Rapid API (API hub)
Downdetector Bootstrap Fontawesome  (icons) MYSQL Tuner
CIDR Convert      

Color Picker