Steven Prothero :  Introduction

Programmer,  Security Officer,  Magazine Publisher, Radio DJ,  BookShop 


I would like to introduce myself.

I am special in that my father worked for an early computer company in the USA and as a I child he gave me access to his computer terminal in the late 1970s. 

As a boy logging into my fathers pdp-11 and VAX mainframe computers I learned quickly and enjoyed using email, programming and networking.  

1987 was a busy year as I was studying computer science at Lansing Community College in Michigan but I also released the first issue of my magazine Iron Feather Journal as well as releasing my BBS software called Elite Exchange One (EX1). 

My job at the time was working as tech support for ATM repair for a large bank. 

I love technology, computers and especially innovative ways to use tech to help people with custom situations. 

Now skip ahead to 2018 and I am settled into Hokkaido Japan. I own the 2nd largest English bookshop in Japan.  

My recent work has been to upgrade and support a very busy office located at the Chitose Airport.  I worked on backup systems, developing software to automate their monthly reports as well as the security of the network and facility. I helped negotiate high level contract deals with various Airlines from China, Singapore, Korea, USA, etc.

I have also worked with a local Hokkaido company in offering system administration support, migrating their old websites to modern Amazon Cloud servers.   

Currently I work for a computer company in Tokyo doing software development & server administration.

I love Hokkaido!  I created as a resource of information for Hokkaido and I am dedicated to sharing & promoting art, music and business in Hokkaido.

  Steven's Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Steven enjoys the challenge; the mystery, the investigation and the solution.  Many years of experience of computers and various skills give him an edge in projects.
  • Married, settled, happy and yet curious and adventurous.  Confident, friendly, open minded, a team player. 
  • Computer Programmer , Developer.  Finding Solutions.   Jack of all trades.

  • University of Colorado
  • Lansing Community College
  • University of New Hampshire


Server Migration of 200 Wordpress sites on Amazon Cloud for a Hokkaido IT Company.
  • Educate and help staff utilize & manage GIT, FORGE, AWS, Wordpress, etc.
  • Migrate, update, fix & repair old Wordpress websites to new AWS EC2 server .
  • PHP5 → PHP7
  • Security scans of servers. Proper security measures used for software & server management.
  • EC2 Server Administration
  • Amazon S3 storage
  • Route 53 DNS Management
  • Amazon SSL Certificate Management
  • AWS RDS Database Management (MYSQL)
  • Wordpress 
  • GITlab
  • FORGE by Laravel
  • NGINX Webserver

Server Setup
  • Install and setup of Ubuntu Server. 
  • ZoneMinder home / office security.  Emails me alerts & video of home intrusion.
  • GoAccess for webserver statistics and monitoring.
  • Webmin for server tools and server management.
  • PhpSysInfo for Hardware information.
  • Apache Webserver software.
  • MYSQL Databases.
  • ASTERISK PBX software for telephone and fax management with Softbank Hikari.
  • Composr CMS with many custom addons, custom theme, custom CSS, modules, etc.
  • Hurricane Electric DNS services.
  • GoDaddy Domain name services.
  • Open Weather Map API.

Air Cargo Business at the New Chitose Airport
  • Microsoft ACCESS Database and EXCEL mangement, support and reporting.
  • Quickly creating custom reports & charts from the database as requested from staff.
  • Maintenance & Backups.
  • Support for various Airliner software systems. 
  • Assist with legal contracts with International Airlines.
  • General office computer tech support.
  • Assist with English Communications.
  • Advisor on management decisions.
  • Security Chief.  CCTV network, facility security, working with the USA TSA, etc.
  • Liaison between staff and International visitors.
  • Official CTS contact for IATA TACT Rules.(IATA、TACTとの公式な連絡係)
  • Conducted English language classes for staff.(全てのスタッフに英会話の指導)

  • ENIWA RADIO STATION 77.8 FM  Eniwa, Hokkaido  2017- Current(E-niwaラジオショーのDJ) Production, Host, and DJ a weekly radio show.(毎週のラジオショーのホスト)
  • USA FCC Licensed DJ for KGNU Radio 88.5 FM  in Boulder & Denver, Colorado USA  1997 – 2015(KGNUラジオショーのDJ,ホスト) Production, Host, and DJ a weekly radio show.(毎週のラジオショーのホスト)

ENGLISH TEACHER  Eniwa, Chitose,  Sapporo
  • Create English lessons. Teach and practice with conversation.(英会話のレッスンをその人に合わせて作るかなりユニークな英会話のクラスです書店に売ってるような本は使いません)

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