プロセロ   スティーブン
Steven Prothero :  Introduction

Programmer,  Security Officer,  Magazine Publisher, Radio DJ,  BookShop 


I would like to introduce myself.

I am special in that my father worked for an early computer company in the USA and as a I child he gave me access to his computer terminal in the late 1970s. 

As a boy logging into my fathers pdp-11 and VAX mainframe computers I learned quickly and enjoyed using email, programming and networking.  

Studied French in Elementary School, Spanish in High School, Greek and Latin in College. Currently learning Japanese.    小学校で、フランス語、高校で、スペイン語、大学でギリシャ語とラテン語を勉強.

1987 was a busy year as I was studying computer science at Lansing Community College in Michigan but I also released the first issue of my magazine Iron Feather Journal as well as releasing my BBS software called Elite Exchange One (EX1)  coded in C64 BASIC & 6502 Assembly. BBSのソフトウエアーを作って販売

My job at the time was working as tech support for ATM repair for a large bank.  Later I worked for an ISP & telco in Michigan offering tech support over the phone for customers.

I love technology, computers and especially innovative ways to use tech to help people with custom situations. 

Now skip ahead to current times and I am settled into Hokkaido Japan. I own the 2nd largest English bookshop in Japan.  

My recent work has been to upgrade and support a very busy office located at the Chitose Airport.  I worked on backup systems, developing software to automate their monthly reports as well as the security of the network and facility. I helped negotiate high level contract deals with various Airlines from China, Singapore, Korea, USA, etc.

I have also worked with a local Hokkaido company in offering system administration support, migrating their old websites to modern Amazon Cloud servers.   

Currently I work for a computer company in Tokyo doing software development & server administration.

I love Hokkaido!  I created Nandalow.com as a resource of information for Hokkaido and I am dedicated to sharing & promoting art, music and business in Hokkaido.

Email:  Stevyn@FutureCode.jp
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/futurecodejp

  Steven's Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Steven enjoys the challenge; the mystery, the investigation and the solution.  Many years of experience of computers and various skills give him an edge in projects.
  • Married, settled, happy and yet curious and adventurous.  Confident, friendly, open minded, a team player. 
  • Computer Programmer , Developer.  Finding Solutions.   Jack of all trades.

  • University of Colorado コロラド大学
  • Lansing Community College  ランシングコミュニティ専門学校
  • University of New Hampshire    ニューハンプシャー大学

  • Learning IONIC Moble App Framework.(IONIC アプリ開発のフレームワーク)
  • React.jsやVue.js、Angular.jsなどのフレームワークやライブラリの習得へ力を入れております。
  • Developing Nandalow.com Website.(Nandalow.com ウエブサイト作成)
  • Developing FutureCode.JP Website and offering IT services, Security services to Hokkaido companies. (FutureCode  ウエブサイト作成)
  • Developing FELIX Server Management Tools.(FELIX のサーバーマネージメントツールの開発)
  • Developing MP3 software for Radio using getID3() PHP library.
  • Developing Twitter API bots. Quote of the Day, Sapporo weather, etc. 
  • Torrent Server (p2p) to help promote musicians as a service.


Server Migration of 200 Wordpress sites on Amazon Cloud for a Hokkaido IT Company.
  • Educate and help staff utilize & manage GIT, FORGE, AWS, Wordpress, etc.  を簡単にするソフトウエアの開発及び、トレーニング。
  • Migrate, update, fix & repair old Wordpress websites to new AWS EC2 server.   200以上のウエブサイトの移行作業
  • PHP5 → PHP7
  • Security scans of servers. Proper security measures used for software & server management.  セキュリティーシステムの開発等
  • EC2 Server Administration
  • Amazon S3 storage
  • Route 53 DNS Management
  • Amazon SSL Certificate Management
  • AWS RDS Database Management (MYSQL)
  • Roots.io Wordpress 
  • GITlab
  • FORGE by Laravel
  • NGINX Webserver

Server Setup
  • Install and setup of Ubuntu Server. 
  • ZoneMinder home / office security.  Emails me alerts & video of home intrusion.
  • GoAccess for webserver statistics and monitoring.
  • Webmin for server tools and server management.
  • PhpSysInfo for Hardware information.
  • Apache Webserver software.
  • MYSQL Databases.
  • ASTERISK PBX software for telephone and fax management with Softbank Hikari.
  • Composr CMS with many custom addons, custom theme, custom CSS, modules, etc.
  • Hurricane Electric DNS services.
  • GoDaddy Domain name services.
  • Open Weather Map API.
  • Flickr API.
  • Meetup API.
  • Gitlab API.
  • Forge API.
  • Twitter API.
  • Bootstrap Framework.

Air Cargo Business at the New Chitose Airport
  • Microsoft ACCESS Database and EXCEL mangement, support and reporting.  ソフトウエア(アクセス、エクセル、ワード、アウトルック)何でもこなせます
  • Computer Languages: DOS, VBA, HTML, CSS, JAVA, WINDOWS, PHP, SQL, MYSQL, XML, jQuery, etc.(コンピューターの言葉に関してもありとあらゆることをできます、上記参照)
  • Quickly creating custom reports & charts from the database as requested from staff.  データベースのソフトウエアーのプログラミング及び報告  
  • Maintenance & Backups.  Network: Internet, WIFI, Windows sharing, automatic backup system, internal website, Virus Protection.(ネットワークに関してインターネット、ワイファイ、ウインドウズのシェア、自動バックアップのシステム、内部のウエブサイト、ウイルス対策等もパーフェクトにできます)
  • Support for various Airliner software systems.  
  • Assist with legal contracts with International Airlines.  外国エアラインとの契約交渉
  • General office computer tech support.  全てのスタッフのコンピューターサポート
  • Assist with English Communications.  契約に関する複雑な英語の翻訳及び説明、電話応対(英語)Eメール等のヘルプ
  • Advisor on management decisions.  経営陣の決定に関するアドバイザー
  • Security Chief.  CCTV network, facility security, working with the USA TSA, etc.  セキュリテイーチーフ CCTVネットワーク、セキュリティの設備等、アメリカのTSAの人達との応対等
  • Liaison between staff and International visitors. 外国エアラインのお客様とスタッフの相談及び連絡係  
  • Official CTS contact for IATA TACT Rules.(IATA、TACTとの公式な連絡係)
  • Conducted English language classes for staff.(全てのスタッフに英会話の指導)

  • ENIWA RADIO STATION 77.8 FM  Eniwa, Hokkaido  2017- Current(E-niwaラジオショーのDJ) Production, Host, and DJ a weekly radio show.(毎週のラジオショーのホスト)
  • USA FCC Licensed DJ for KGNU Radio 88.5 FM  in Boulder & Denver, Colorado USA  1997 – 2015(KGNUラジオショーのDJ,ホスト) Production, Host, and DJ a weekly radio show.(毎週のラジオショーのホスト)

ENGLISH TEACHER  Eniwa, Chitose,  Sapporo
  • Create English lessons. Teach and practice with conversation.(英会話のレッスンをその人に合わせて作るかなりユニークな英会話のクラスです書店に売ってるような本は使いません)
PHUTURE CONFERENCE Denver, Colorado 2014
  • Owner & Organizer of computer security & cyberpunk culture conference held in Denver October 11, 2014. (デンバーにてセキュリテイ会議を開催)

SECURITY CONFERENCES Attended, Vended, DJ, Press, Assisted, Presented, etc.
  • Defcon (20 years) (Las Vegas) 
  • Rootfest (St.Paul) 
  • Phreaknic (Nashville)  
  • Rubi-Con (Detroit)  
  • Interz0ne (Atlanta)

DENVER ZINE FEST  Denver, Colorado 2007-2009
  • Owner & Co-Organizer of 500+ event in Denver dedicated to networking small press publications.

PHUN INK PRESS, 1987-Current
Owner, Silk Screen Press Operator & Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design Services.
  • Screen Production, Color Separations.
  • Posters, Stickers & T-Shirt Production.
  • Vintage Letter Press work with Oak Root Press in Fort Collins.

IRON FEATHER JOURNAL Magazine, 1987- Current
Owner, Editor, Publisher, Graphic Design & Layout(アイロンフェザージャーナルを30年間出版)
  • Maintaining global subscriber base.
  • Designing & layout of master pages.   Working with pre-press (film, copy & proof) & press (sheet fed & web press).



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